Vincent and Ruthann Traylor

Vincent and Ruthann Traylor

Thank you for being part of the team that saved my son’s life.

I never gave much thought to the benefits of having EMTs nearby until my family needed them.

In February 2017 during a Princeton High School basketball game, my son Vincent stumbled out of the locker room hunched over and disoriented. No one could figure out what had happened.

Officials called 911 and within three minutes, the first aid squad arrived. A crowd had gathered and the scene was chaotic. Squad members took charge and rushed Vincent to the hospital and within hours, he was in surgery. Vincent had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke!

After a lengthy recovery, Vincent is now enjoying his senior year at PHS and thrilled to be back on the basketball court.

I pass by the first aid squad building almost every day. Little did I realize that there are capable EMTs in there on call 24/7. My precious son is with me today because of the skilled care and rapid response of everyone involved, starting with the Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad.