Squad Bids Farewell to Two Longtime Members

The Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad has lost two outstanding members as a result of relocation. Catherine Varner-Miceli, a career EMT who has served with the Squad for the past seven years, is moving to Salt Lake City to begin a new adventure with her wife, Julie. Catherine already has been accepted into an advanced EMT training program and plans to continue her career in emergency medicine.

During her time with the Princeton Squad, Catherine responded to more than 3,500 calls for help. “I am fortunate to have worked alongside Jay Padulchick, a 28-year Squad veteran, for all of those years, says Varner-Miceli. “Together, Jay and I formed a close-knit team that helped us respond to patient needs quickly and efficiently,” she adds.

Over the past five years, Andrea Didisheim, a licensed physical therapist, volunteered for weekly shifts on the ambulance. Didisheim also served as the Cadet Advisor for two years and was instrumental in bringing on board the 18 high school seniors who graduated this June.

A Princeton resident for 21 years, Andrea is sad to leave the town in which she raised her two children but looks forward to joining her husband, Evan, in Chapel Hill, NC.

“Catherine and Andrea were integral members of our organization and we’re going to miss them, says Mark Freda, president of the first aid squad.   “And, from what we’ve heard from our patients, Catherine and Andrea exemplified two of the most important qualities we offer our patients: truly caring for their well-being and providing excellent medical attention. We are grateful for their efforts on our behalf, and on behalf of the entire community. ”