We’ve compiled some helpful resources, along with answers to frequently asked questions, about billing and records.

Request for Records


All requests for records, with signed releases, can be mailed to:

Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad
Attn: Custodian of Records
2 Mt. Lucas Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

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I received a bill in the mail for services from your organization. Why did I get this?

The Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad (PFARS) bills for all patients transported to the hospital as well as Refusal of Medical Attention (RMA), and lift assists. This helps us cover not only the cost of sending an ambulance during your time of need, but our day-to-day operations as well. Any bill you receive should be submitted to your insurance provider.

I thought PFARS was a volunteer organization. Why am I getting a bill?

PFARS is a hybrid organization made up of both paid and volunteer staff. While volunteers make up the majority of our membership, we do have full time staff. Billing for services is necessary to help fund the cost of our annual operating expenses.

What are the costs for an emergency ambulance transport?

Our current BLS transport rate is $900, plus $17 per mile. There is also an additional $75 fee if oxygen is supplied. Additional fees may be applied for specialized services such as extrication and Advanced Life Support (ALS). These rates are consistent with local industry standards.

Who can I contact regarding my bill?

PFARS uses a third party billing company, Ambulance Reimbursement Systems. You may contact them directly at 1-800-473-2278. Additional information may be found at: arsnetwork.com

I would like to make a payment on my account. Where do I send this?

Payments may be made online at: arsnetwork.com/about/for-patients-only or by mailing payment to:

Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad
PO Box 207
Allentown, PA 18105

I have medical insurance and still received a bill. What should I do?

Please contact Ambulance Reimbursement Systems at 1-800-473-2278. It will be helpful to have your primary and secondary (if applicable) health insurance information ready when you call. If your medical insurance did not cover the entire bill, you may receive a bill for the balance owed.

I’m having difficulty paying my bill. What can I do?

Please contact Ambulance Reimbursement Services at 1-800-473-2278. They will be able to assist you and inform you of any options you may have.

Medicare has denied my claim. What do I do?

This is often because Medicare needs additional information that you may be able to provide post-treatment. Please contact Ambulance Reimbursement Systems at 1-800-473-2278. They will be able to assist you with your next steps regarding Medicare and the appeals process.

Medicare has denied my appeals. What do I do?

If Medicare has denied your appeals. You may have some luck reaching out to a local Congressperson or Senator to help you with this matter.

I received reimbursement directly from my insurance company. What should I do?

Some insurance companies will pay their subscribers, you, directly for the services provided. Those payments are legally required to be used to offset your outstanding balance, by endorsing the check to Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad, and sending it to the address listed above.

Why did I receive two separate bills for my ambulance transport?

You may receive two bills if care was provided by PFARS and an Advanced Life Support Unit. Advanced Life Support, or ALS, is provided by certain local hospitals. Generally, an ALS unit from Capital Health Systems services the Princeton area, although you may receive ALS services from another system depending on the call location and volume at the time services were rendered.

I was contacted by a collection agency regarding my bill. What should I do?

Patients who do not supply insurance information, do not pay their outstanding balance, or do not forward reimbursements received from their insurance company will receive notification from a collection agency. In that case, please contact Commercial Acceptance Company Local phone number: 717-216-5028, Toll free number: 866-678-6855, ext 214, Fax number: 717-901-5565.